Turning one cup of water into Money.

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Waterless carwash is unique in that it offers high income potential from above average revenue per car, with low start-up expenses.
Now for the first time you can tap into these profits with our startup kits!


Designed to wash 15 to 20 cars per day

Eco Green Auto Clean’s mobile units are designed to clean 15 to 20 cars per day with one owner/operator and two washers.

A mobile business can be operated as a home-based business or as a satellite operation of a location-based carwash with an out-of-pocket investment of less than $5,000.

Want to make serious money?

Kit A.

The Starter Kit

  1. Supplies to clean 400 cars
  2. Guide to mobile waterless car washing and detailing
  3. Technical & Business support
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At our flagship waterless carwash and detail center in Redwood City, CA we offer the following services:
Exterior-only at $25, Full service $40, Hand wax $75, Clay bar treatment $135, and Reconditioning services starting at $180.

Kit B.

The Professional

  1. Supplies to clean 1,200 cars
  2. Comprehensive waterless carwash business start-up guide
  3. Free on-site training in California (excludes travel expenses)
  4. Technical & business support
  5. Free start-up “help” line
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Ready to start your own waterless car wash business? Then get in touch!

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